This is a (free) side event of the First Conference on ICT for Sustainability in Zurich between February (13th) 14-16 (

We look for persons interested to spend a day hacking or designing for sustainability, which can also be something to save energy or to create awareness. Teams are also welcome. Participants can be master or PhD. students, but also engineers or programmers are warmly welcomed. The number is limited to about 45-50.

We have one or two rooms at the institute for informatics, Binzmühlestrasse 14. Participants get WiFi access, but are asked to use their own laptops. Free Lunch is organized thanks to Google, and we are currently looking for ways to get snacks for the time until 10p.m.

At the end, we will probably let a small informal jury walk through the lines or ask teams or hackers to present what they have developed so far or have thought of. The jury will select a "winner" or a "winning" idea. A representative of the winners will be invited to speak for 2-3 minutes on the workshop of Word Resources Forum/ ITU - International Telecommunication Union/GeSI - Global e-Sustainability Initiative/ HP with persons from Google and Microsoft in the audience (and whoever would like to come) on Wednesday, Feb 13th.

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