GOTO Night: Scrum;

Jeff Sutherland, CO-Founder of Scrum

As usual Jeff will be attending the GOTO Night and answer questions from the audience.

Joscha Jenni & Malgorzata Pinkowska: Mission impossible? – case study of CMMI Level 5 implementation into an agile environment

mimacom ag, an agile oriented software development company from Bern, made a mission impossible and implemented CMMI Level 5 into an agile environment. The goals of the presentation are: First to explain briefly what Scrum and CMMI are about. Second, using examples to show how CMMI can be successfully implemented into an agile environment. We will also justify why mimacom decided to implement CMMI and how the combination of CMMI and Scrum improves the performance of an organization. Finally, lessons learned, challenges and benefits of CMMI implementation and execution of the appraisal will be shared.

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