Urban Data Challenge / Open Data Day

Deutsche Bezeichnung auf dem Opendata.ch Blog.

We are meeting up on International Open Data Day to catch up and work on the Urban Data Challenge (February 6 - March 31) projects kicked off at Lift Conference 13 (plus inspire everyone who was not there to start one too!), then have a video conference with teams in San Francisco, and tune in to all the Open Data happenings around the world this weekend.

People from the Make.Opendata.ch community will be present to give us the scoop on upcoming Open Finance hackathon in Bern, and future open data events in Switzerland.

Kind thanks to Dock18, Institut für Medienkulturen der Welt, for inviting us to use their space at Rote Fabrik. See for more info Visit Here .

  • 19:00 – Welcome, Who's here, What is "Open Data"?
  • 19:15 – Intro to the Urban Data Challenge: available data, etc.
  • 19:25 – Presentation of projects being worked on
  • 19:40 – Questions, discussion
  • 20:15 – Livestream to the hackathon in San Francisco, interview with Chris Pagnilinan, SFMTA, Public Transportation Department
  • 20:30 – Questions, discussion, apéro

10 people are attending this meetup

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