Webtuesday Zürich: Lightning Talks

We're having a lightning talk session again. The talks should not last more than 10min each.

Speaker 1: Pierre Spring (Liip AG) will give a very short introduction to Varnish Cache. Varnish makes websites fly!

Speaker 2: Urban Müller (search.ch) will talk about the compression algorithm lzp, the fastest algorithm on earth right now.

Speaker 3: Harry Fuecks (Local.ch) is giving insights about elasticsearch

Speaker 4 cancelled: Yoan Blanc (doSimple) will show the good, the bad and the ugly about PHP monkeypatching-a-like stuff (#php, #lithium, #li3). EDIT : being sick, I won't do it, you can check the slides I've made there though: liip.to/monkey —Yoan

Speaker 5: Steve Holyer & Philipp Kueng will talk about Hacking node.js and Ruby on Rails for Fun and Profit (YMMV)

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