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1. Oracle's BigData solutions

Roger Wullschleger, Manager Sales Consulting CoreTech at Oracle

Oracle's BigData solutions consist of a number of new products and solutions to support customers looking to gain maximum business value from data sets such as weblogs, social media feeds, smart meters, sensors and other devices that generate massive volumes of data (commonly defined as ‘Big Data’) that isn’t readily accessible in enterprise data warehouses and business intelligence applications today.

2. Introduction to Apache Drill

Michael Hausenblas, contributor to Apache Drill and Chief Data Engineer EMEA MapR

Apache Drill [1] is a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets, inspired by Google’s Dremel technology. It is a design goal to scale to 10,000 servers or more and to be able to process Petabytes of data and trillions of records in seconds. Since its inception in mid 2012, Apache Drill has gained widespread interest in the community. In this talk we focus on how Apache Drill enables interactive analysis and query at scale. First we walk through typical use cases and then delve into Drill's architecture, the data flow and query languages as well as data sources supported.


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