About techup.ch

We are tech enthusiasts, and as such we love to attend tech meetups. Why? Because we love to learn things and meet new people who are as deranged as we are. Unfortunately, we have missed many meetings because we found out about them only after they had happened. And that's why we decided to come up with techup.ch.

What kind of events can I find/add on techup?

Anything that might make a geek heart jump!

A presentation of a new programming language? Ok!
A TEDx conference on the Rütli? Why not!
Some wired panel discussion on nano biology? Of course!
An evening with beer to watch a Steve Jobs keynote where he tells us how we should spend our money? Fantastic idea!
And why not organize a philosophical conference on the meaning of life with regards to the internets.

Pretty much anything goes except for sports and tupperware parties.

How can you participate?

It's super easy! If you are organizing a meetup or conference, just click on Submit a new tech meetup in the menu, authenticate using Twitter, fill out the form, and submit. It's that easy! And if you feel like attending a meeting, let others know by hitting the Attend button on a meetup detail view.

Who are we?

shvi seldaek

Jordi and Pierre. We are two swiss web developers who happen to love technology under all of its forms. Of course we have a strong affinity towards everything web-related. If you'd like to find out more about us, follow us on twitter ;)