Past Meetups tagged with GDG

GDG Basel Hackaton 2015

08:00 - 22:00 JBaptisteClion

Basel, BS sustainability google iot gdg angularjs onion

Android Meet & Share

19:00 - 22:00

Zürich, ZH android gdg

Android Sessions: Introduction to Android Development Part II

18:00 - 21:30 cocaman rubyphull

Zurich, ZH android java development gdg

GDG DevBeer

18:00 - 21:00

Zurich, ZH zurich gdg developer devbeer

Google I/O Extended Zürich

Wednesday - Thursday lejoe ruflin Silwaka hschot idomyowntricks g33konaut Slottsberget igama drcursor sbosx and 2 more...

Zurich, ZH google gdg googleio gdgzurich

Google I/O extended

Wednesday - Thursday ikr sohocoke hergest jviereck Roman_Hatz __edorian sschueller KohlerSolutions

Zurich, ZH zurich google i/o gdg