Past Meetups tagged with health

Arkathon - Hacking Health Valais

Friday - Sunday

Sion, VS hackathon technology health developer start-up engineer

[Annulé / Canceled] Mobile apps, health care and legal issues: a deadly trio

19:00 - 20:30

Basel, BS mobile basel health swisstechtalks legal CHF 25

IoT, wearables and the future of medical devices

18:00 - 21:00 tamberg iotzh

Zurich, ZH iot health wearable ble appcessories

Open Health Data hackdays Basel

Friday - Saturday cstuder philippkueng frescosecco helmchenx loleg OpendataCH andreasamsler

Basel, BS hackday opendata gesundheit health

Open Health Data hackdays Geneva

Friday - Saturday loleg FredericJacobs OpendataCH goupilapps

Geneva, GE hackday opendata health santé