Past Meetups tagged with interaction

UX Romandie: Zoltan Gocza - In Pursuit of Simplicity

19:00 - 21:00 NicolasSierro twenster bakir_ch gillesdemarty gartner guillaumecoquoz bcurdy pa_rochat drixselecta patlog_ and 11 more...

Lausanne, VD design ux talk user interaction experience

The Stuff Between Us - Designing Interactions Beyond the Object

Friday - Saturday bezawit_

Zurich, ZH design symposium interaction art zhdk

World Usability Day 2011 @ University of Geneva: Human Computer Interaction: Education, Research and Development

13:30 - 18:30 divindaiana IsmailCimen

Carouge, GE testing usability geneva user interaction experience


Thursday - Saturday _sandro jenschr fcolaco

Lauterbrunnen, BE air design flash flex mobile games